• A special product made from Zaatar flower and leaves, with a delicious taste, 100% natural Thyme.
  • Ingredients (as mentioned on the product):
    Thyme, Sesame, Sumac, Salt (Without Coloring & Preservatives, the product meets the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture).
  • Validity: 1 year and a half from the date of production.


Benefits include (for example and not limited to):

– A natural medicine that is used for treating chest & respiratory problems.
– Helps in proper digestion.
– Effectively fights against bacterial, fungal & viral infections.
– Stimulates the nervous system.
– Boosts immune system
– Prevents food poisoning
– May lower the risk of cancer


TIPS: Thyme should be added to the dish towards the end of the cooking process. This is because it tends to lose its delicate flavor when heated excessively. In Lebanon, its very well known that parents tend to mix it with olive oil as a main meal to their kids while going to school providing them with healthy sandwich that would keep them focused along the day.